Monday, November 5, 2012

Rolling Back Roe vs. Wade: A Look at the State-by-State Strategy

 One of the many videos available on YouTube of Charmaine's Yoest public statements as chairman of Americans United for life.

Under the leadership of its chairman, Charmaine Yoest, the Americans United for Life (AUL)  organization, has pursued a detailed state-by-state battle plan in the states to roll back the Supreme Court's 1973  Roe vs. Wade decision.  AUL has been responsible for one-third of the more than 130 bills that have constrained or regulated abortion at the state level since Yoest came on board in 2008.

Emily Brazelton of the New York Times offers a feature-length article on the work of the AUL that characterizes Yoest as a "cheerful warrior." It's good informational reading for the pro-life movement, despite the well-known bias of the Times in favor of killing unborn babies in their mothers' womb. Read Brazelton's article here.

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