Wednesday, June 13, 2012

California Rally for Religious Freedom: This Is Not a Matter of Partisan Politics

Civil Rights activist Walter Hoye, organizer of the June 8 Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally in San Francisco
Walter Hoye, President of the California Civil Rights Foundation, keynoted  San Francisco's "Stand Up For Religious Freedom" rally, one of 150 held across the nation June 8.

"Not since the 1960's has a cause so righteous and so just demanded the Body of Christ, in the power of our Lord's Priesthood, to rise together in the Public Square to let our voices be heard. The lines have been drawn. The battle is already raging. Choose you this day, whom you will serve,"  Hoye told the assembled crowd.

Hoye continued, "We agree with the Catholic Bishops. This is not about access to contraception, universal health care, religious freedom of Catholics only or a matter of partisan politics. This is about the federal government forcing the Church to act against Her teachings."
Hoye is an outspoken opponent of abortion, who notes its toll on America's African-American population.

Other speakers  included Father Joseph Illo (St. Joseph's Catholic Church); Kevin McGary (Frederick Douglass Foundation of California); Marie Conway Stroughter (African-American Conservatives); Eva Muntean (San Francisco Walk for Life West Coast); Chris Pareja (Chris Pareja for Congress); Rochelle Conner (God And Government); Victoria Evans (Respect Life, Archdiocese of San Francisco); Jennifer Halbleib, Ph.D. (The Becket Fund); Father Jeffrey R. Keyes (St. Edward Catholic Parish); Ana Benderas (Live Action); Gwen Patrick (Frederick Douglass Foundation of California) and Antoine Lamar Miller (Pastor, Rehoboth Christian Fellowship Church) and Dana Cody (Life Legal Defense Foundation).

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